Japanese Gastropub

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WHAT "IDA" Represents

Izakaya ida brings the gastropub culture of Japan to NYC, with a focus on fresh and authentic plates (sans the exorbitant price tag) in an inviting and warm atmosphere, where all are welcome.


Izakaya. The casual gastropub scene of Japan.  ida. Translates to "between", "during" and "a while". Izakaya ida. A restaurant where Manhattanites, weary wanderers, families, couples, singles can wind down and find comfort between Japanese gastropub inspired cuisine and their favorite people.

Located in the heart of the Upper West Side [right off the 72nd St. stop] we offer a variety of classic izakaya cuisine:

  • yakitori/yakiyasai (grilled meat/vegetables on skewers) perfected by our grill-master from Japan with 40 years experience,
  • eleven savory ramen dishes in rich pork or sesame broth made from only natural and fresh ingredients,
  • wide selection of donburi (rice bowl), and
  • fresh sushi/sashimi favorites.  

To complement the diverse menu, we also serve over 20 different imported Japanese beer, sake, and Asian spirits. After staying a while and enjoying a meal (or two!), we hope that you'll leave our restaurant with a piece of Japan - your belly full and soul happy.



What We Serve

Yakitori | Yakiyasai | Ramen | Donburi | Sushi | Sashimi